My husband and I decided to not take professional maternity photos for my pregnancy. It was due to a combination of forgetting, delaying and not wanting to spend money for pictures of my unattractive big belly. I figured I'd just wait for my child to be born to take family photos. 

Anyway, since I am growing very massive today at 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant and there is a chance that the baby might arrive earlier than expected, I decided to take some selfies. People say that your nose grows when you are pregnant and I believe it. My nose started to look bigger to me around the 2nd trimester. Now that I am getting to the end of my 3rd trimester, it has grown a bit bigger than before as well. I think someone told me it shrinks back to your regular size after you give birth. My boss at work noticed it too and pointed it out to me. Hahaha. I wasn't mad or anything. I think it's hilarious.