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Kid's menu stickers that I am putting on place cards for wedding

Posted by Till Master on Wednesday, October 17, 2012,
I was sitting here looking at some marketing tools online and then discovered, why don't I put a cute sticker on the back of the place cards for all of the kids who are coming to my wedding so they feel special!? Kids love stickers right?!

I've never seen it done before. I've already printed out menus for the adult meals and now I'm printing the menu on the stickers.

I hope they'll like it!

Here is the sticker design:

I'll take a picture of the place card with it once the stickers have arrived...
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Showing tattoo on your wedding day

Posted by Till Master on Friday, October 12, 2012,
My make up artist and some friends asked me if I will be covering my tattoo on my chest on my wedding with make up. I told them 'no'. I got this tattoo for a reason and I will not hide it. 

Do you get asked that question? Do you have a tattoo? 

My fiance said he doesn't want me to hid anything and that he wouldn't like it if I decided to I hide my tattoo because that a part of who I am now. He doesn't like secrets and that is why we are together. We have the same viewpoints. 

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Birdcage vs. veil vs. no headpiece

Posted by Till Master on Friday, October 12, 2012,
I debated whether I wanted a veil after I tried on some wedding gowns with it in May. I didn't like the way I looked with it because I'm already so short but now I'm debating on it again for my last fitting later this month at David's Bridal. 

I have little kids there who probably appreciate that. My cousin's daughter is so excited about my wedding, she keeps my wedding invitation in her purse. That is so cute.

Then I debated on having a birdcage but ever since Lady Gaga appears with birdcages ...
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Do you count the bride and groom in the final head count to your caterer?

Posted by Till Master on Friday, October 12, 2012,
I am having our wedding reception at a hotel and my contract includes for 150 guests. Do we count ourselves, bride and groom in this number or is this usually complimentary since we are not the guest?

I sent my catering manager an email about this and they said our meals are not free so we have to include ourselves in the "guest count" for food. My friend said her reception at the country club said she didn't have to include herself and the groom in her count.

What was your experience? 

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Sweetheart or head table for wedding?

Posted by Till Master on Friday, October 12, 2012,
At the beginning of our wedding planning stages, after we've secured a deposit for the venue, I originally wanted a head table because I thought it would be nice to not be just us getting the attention. I'm not very good at that. 

Then I thought about it some more and a lot of people in our bridal party have significant others and I don't want to separate them from their dates so now we've decided to have a sweetheart table. 

What did you guys do? Did anybody have a head table that worked reall...
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Menu Cards are on the way!

Posted by Till Master on Tuesday, October 9, 2012,
It took me a lot of hours to finalize this. I am being OCD on this for some odd reason but now it's done. Here's the design and our menu!

I included the cocktail hour times. I made a special arrangement with the hotel to provide Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac since that is family favorite on my side.

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Stressed out Bride-to-be - How to cope

Posted by Till Master on Thursday, October 4, 2012,
I am at the one month mark before my wedding takes place and I am so stressed out.

I have contacted all of my vendors (either called or emailed them) for the last three days to confirm when they'll be at my wedding site and am finishing up last projects in the next week.

My last projects include having my last hair trial, decorating party favors and completing seating chart/guest list for place cards.

Here's how I'm coping with my stress with now.
1. Venting to my fiance. He's been so understan...
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I am in love with this Japanese anthem "Hana"

Posted by Till Master on Wednesday, October 3, 2012,
I've been trying to find the english phonetic pronunciation for this song and found it so just want to share for those who are also looking too:

Kousuke Atari – Hana

Lyric: Okachimachi Dako
Music: Moriyama Naotaro

moshimo anata ga ame ni nure
iiwake sae mo deki nai hodo ni
nani ka ni fukaku kizu tsui ta nara
semete watashi ha te o musubi
kaze ni hokorobu hana ni nari tai

moshimo anata no yume yabure
yukisaki no nai hibi ha kure yuki
shinjiru koto sae deki naku nare ba
semete watashi ga koe n...

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Military Health Benefits for Wife - We are getting next month.

Posted by Till Master on Wednesday, October 3, 2012,
My fiance and I are looking at what Tricare has and what the instructions are to get me set-up to get health insurance through his military Tricare system.

I hope it's an easy step. We're getting married next month!

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I'm turning into my mom.

Posted by Till Master on Wednesday, October 3, 2012,
While I am planning this wedding with my mom, I realized there are some things we don't agree on and then there are others that we completely agree on that no one seems to.

I've decided to put my hair up for my wedding because it's more elegant and my mom agreed. I also told her I don't want to wear necklaces and just big earrings and she told me she likes to do that too. She doesn't like to wear necklaces.

Wow. I am turning into my mom. Are you?

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