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Eating McDonald's once in a while, while you're pregnant

Posted by on Thursday, November 21, 2013, In : pregnancy 
I rarely crave meat while I'm pregnant but today I was really craving a big mac with fries from McDonald's. I am a very loyal McDonald's eater. I don't like Burger King, Wendy's or even In N Out (a California burger chain). There's a big nostalgic value with McDonald's with me even though I know their quality is crap. It brings back to my happy and excited times when we would pull in the drive-thru and get a meal from my favorite fast food chain as a kid. 

Anyway, today I had it. I ordered a #...
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People love pregnant women

Posted by on Wednesday, November 6, 2013, In : Motherhood 
I realized quickly that when someone finds out that I am pregnant, they all of a sudden become very interested in me. Something about carrying a child makes you seem more approachable to a lot of people. When people know you are going to become a mother, maybe that nurturing side comes out. 

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Washington DC trip was fun - Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial are a must see

Posted by Till Master on Tuesday, November 5, 2013, In : Washington DC 
We went to Washington DC in October and even though it was a bit chilly and cloudy, it didn't rain so we were able to do some touristy stuff while we were in the area for a wedding. 

I definitely recommend going to the Lincoln Memorial and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall since they are right next to each other. 

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Baby moving inside of you is like growing an alien

Posted by on Monday, November 4, 2013, In : pregnancy 
Ever since the baby started moving inside of my stomach around 4 months, I started thinking that maybe there isn't enough room for him in there. 

Now that I am at 5.5 months, I can feel the baby moving constantly. And recently when I was in one of my post-licensing class for real estate, I would see a ripple across my belly as I was sitting in class. It was a bit freaky but I guess the baby was bored. Sitting down in class for 8 hours isn't that fun and I'm usually moving about when I am at ho...
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When maternity pants are all long at the store, having a sewing machine is so handy

Posted by on Sunday, November 3, 2013, In : Motherhood 

Weight Gain and Maternity Clothes

At 25 weeks, 2 days I weighed 126 lbs. Before I got pregnant, I was 120 lbs so this was the first significant weight gain since I've been pregnant. I will grow more rapidly soon. I bought my first pair of stretchy pants from Ross around this time because none of my jeans fit anymore. 

It was alterations time because all of the pants in the maternity section are long and I am a short woman. I recently learned how to sew last month in October and in the last 4 we...

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