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Breast Pumps Comparison: Medela vs. Ameda Double Pumps

Posted by on Saturday, March 1, 2014 Under: Motherhood
I am currently nursing my 22 day old newborn and own 2 different types of breast pumps. To ensure that I get a continuous supply of breast milk for my baby, I try to pump every 3 hours for 15 minutes. 

At first I started out with the Medela Advanced Pump In Style. It's quiet, has a lot of accessories available at many stores and many moms like it. Then, I started using the Ameda brand with their Purely Yours double pump a few days later because it was free with my husband's insurance after giving childbirth. 

I personally prefer the Ameda brand. It was quoted at over $300 in my packing slip and if it wasn't free by my insurance, I wouldn't have known about this brand. It has a dial for suction and another dial for speed which makes it more comfortable for my sensitive nipples since I can customize those two separately. I can't do that with the Medela pump. This and many more features make it much more convenient for me. 

See my video below for the full reviews. 

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