One side of one of my breasts is extremely plugged right now and it is very hard in this area. I feel at least 5 bumps in there so my ducts in that area are plugged. I have no idea how to unplug it and I've been sitting with my pump to try to empty that breast the for the last hour. My baby is napping right now so I can't directly feed him at the moment because it's a much needed rest for him. I've come to the conclusion that breastfeeding is a full time job in itself (in order to make sure we're not getting an infection and keep producing milk for our little one) and I have no idea how a full time working mom at an office can breastfeed for 6 months.  

(Flash Forward 10 minutes)

Right after I started this blog, my newborn son woke up and I put a hot compress in that area for about 3 minutes before feeding to him football style. It seems to help! That area is not as hard. He was only drinking for about a minute but it was enough to make it feel better. So do a hot compress before breastfeeding with the breast with the plugged duct. Now if I was sitting in a office in a middle of a meeting, there is no way I can stop whatever I am doing and use a breast pump to empty my plugged ducts and there is no access to my baby to help empty it either.

How do full time working moms breast feed their baby for 6 months? I guess that is why so many quit breastfeeding and turned to formula. It's hard.