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Collards Greens are popular in the south!

Posted by Till Master on Tuesday, January 29, 2013
I just moved to South Carolina from California and I've noticed that they really promote, advertise collard greens in the grocery stores! Everyone eats them regularly here. You'll see them at buffet lines often too. Of course this whole experience is new to me but I do learn to adapt and bought my first bag of collard greens. I've got to say it's a big bunch too. I got this for $1.50!
What I've noticed with collard greens compared to my usual greens like napa cabbage and spinach is that they are more bitter and don't shrink as much after you cook them. That explains why many people put bacon or a lot of salt to season them. You also have to cook them longer than most greens. It has a nice texture when you eat them though. It's definitely something I will keep cooking for myself and my husband.

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