I made a diaper cake for the 2nd time and this time it is for a baby girl. I wanted to send a small congratulations gift to my friend in California after she just gave birth. Here is how it looks like.

 Contents include: a pair of Espirit pink baby shoes (6-12 months), 3 bibs from Juicy Couture, 4 receiving blankets and 16 Size 1 Swaddler diapers. 

Unfortunately, when my friend received this package, everything was unraveled so I suggest that you bind everything tightly and put a lot of bubble wrap or cushioning. However, if you're looking to make a personalized gift, I think making a diaper cake (even a small one) is a really nice gesture. The diaper cake itself cost me less than $30 to make, including all the contents and decorations. I got lucky and found some bargains at Ross.