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Dim Sum House in Morrisville, NC is a nice surprise

Posted by on Saturday, July 6, 2013 Under: food
We were craving for dim sum so we researched for places with dim sum near where we were during our road trip and found Dim Sum House is Morrisville. Conveniently located not too far from my highway exit, it was easy to spot the big sign for the restaurant.

The exterior of the restaurant is definitely something you would find in North Carolina. Covered in brick with bold signs, this has got to be the most sophisticated exterior I've seen for a dim sum restaurant.

After being seated as the first customers of their restaurant, they gave us their menu and offered us 4 or 5 different hot tea options, which is great! That's rare. They don't have carts when we were there during the week days so our food was fresh to order. I'm not sure how it's like on the the weekends.

The food is great. They don't have shrimp rice rolls/noodles/crepes (seems like every dim sum restaurant calls it differently) during the weekdays so we ordered more har gow. The service was great. We are so happy to find a nice dim sum place whenever we make our way around here. Their address is: 100 Jerusalem Dr, Morrisville, NC.

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