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Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia - Review

Posted by on Monday, June 9, 2014 Under: Atlanta
We wanted to find a Vietnamese restaurant that was closest to the hotel that we were staying at in downtown and our map linked us to Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup (53 Broad St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303). It had good reviews and it was only within walking distance from the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Atlanta. When we got there around 7pm, we've discovered that it had already closed. I guess a lot of the businesses on that street closes at 6pm or something for some reason? 

Anyway, we tried the next day around 4pm and there were only 3 other tables besides for us so we were able to quickly order. They didn't have the bun bo hue that I wanted to try so I settled on the Special Pho that had everything in it. My husband got the tofu pho. They were both good and the prices were reasonable. I recommend coming here for a Vietnamese fix, if you don't want to drive too faraway to Buford, where all the yummy Vietnamese restaurants are. See the picture below of my bowl of pho. 

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