I feel guilty for feeling this way but it's the truth. I am extremely annoyed by my dog now. It started when I was pregnant. I would get really mad when he jumps on my belly because I was afraid he'll knock me over or hit too hard on the fetus. Even when I tell him no, he would do it so it got to the point where I had to become unfriendly to him so he doesn't try to do that to me when when I get home. That means I don't pet him anymore or play with him. Well, it worked while I was pregnant and I carried that on when I had the baby as well. My biggest fear is he jumps on the baby and scratches his face. The dog has scratched my grandpa so hard that he bled with punctured wounds. He did it four times to my grandpa. I know he doesn't intentionally hurt him but because he jumps on him and my grandpa has sensitive skin, it happened. The issue also lies with my grandpa. He is too nice and he didn't tell the dog to stop jumping on him, even after the first time. Grandpa is just as guilty. He let it happen. I don't want to be guilty. I don't want to be negligent to the point where it'll hurt my baby. I still don't pet my dog so he doesn't get so excited to see me where he jumps on me while I am carrying the baby.

Here's another annoying factor. My dog barks a lot too so while I'm tirelessly rocking my baby to sleep, he's barking like murder consistently and sometimes (not all the times), it wakes my baby up and I have to start over. Babies need a lot of rest to grow and stay healthy and he's disrupting his and my rest too! I would go outside and tell him to stop barking but it only works for a minute and he's at it again for another few hours. He's both an indoor and outdoor dog. I let him outside to pee and poop and then he refuses to come back in until the evening. But when he's outside, he's the noisiest dog on the block. I have no idea why there are so many things he's barking at. 
My husband noticed my change in how I treat the dog but I do it initially out of protection and now that I am a mother, I still do it to ensure he doesn't try to jump on me and my newborn. I am mama bear and I protect my baby bear. I told my husband that I will not ask him to get rid of the dog, but I will not pet it. I will not abuse it. I will feed it and give it water. My baby is only 7 weeks old. Yes, having a dog builds his immune system but it doesn't mean I need to rub his dander all over my baby. So not petting it is not a bad thing either. Plus, there is already dog dander all over the house, whether I like it or not. And it still does get onto my baby's clothes. That's another annoying thing. 

I hope my feelings towards the dog will change but since the baby is still very small, I don't think it'll change for awhile.