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Finding a job takes hours a day. It's a job itself.

Posted by Till Master on Wednesday, January 30, 2013
I've been applying online for jobs. Every application takes hours to fill because they are all different with their own different tests to take. And the sad thing is, most of them don't call you back. Imagine when there were no online applications and you had to fax it or mail it in? Then you knew at least someone was touching your paper. Now, there are scanning softwares that scan resumes for recruiters so they can find the right key words without sitting for hours shuffling through papers. So that means, no one has probably even touched your resume before deciding yours is not a good candidate.

My Goodness!

This is going to take me forever! Last month, I ended my job of 6 years for a really great company. I moved away with my husband and now I am eager to start finding a job so I can at least pay my phone bill and car bill without my husband worry about my bills too much.

I think it'll probably take me another month until I actually get a phone call for an interview. At least I got a head start and updated my resume and sent it to 10 companies so far.

I applied to jobs I didn't really have experience for but have always wanted to try like pharmaceutical sales. I even applied to Nascar, even though it was 2 hours of me. Silly me. Who knows, maybe they'll let me work from home if they actually need someone.

Anyway, good luck to everyone out there looking for a job. I know I was so fortunate to have my last one for 6 years. But change is good and this is my opportunity to look for a new career shift.

Here are my quick tips on interviewing:

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