I'm one of those first time mothers who are showing some overprotective traits. After I gave birth to my son, I decided to not post any pictures of his face on social media. With facial recognition and the digital world making it hard for privacy, I want to make sure my son has his first years as private as possible and away from crazy creepy old men's eyes. 

The gift of privacy is something a lot of mothers think about on Facebook. Well, I am going to give my son that gift. I had that privacy as a child (thank God there was no social media then) and I'll let him post whatever pictures he wants on his social media pages when he is old enough but for now, I will preserve my pictures close to my heart. It's not that I don't want to show off my handsome, cute son. It's just that his safety and privacy are way more important than my ego. 

Recently, my cousin in law posted a picture of her holding my son on her Facebook. Thank God she didn't tag me or my husband or our family members will see it and complain that they can't post a picture of our son on there. I had a father in law that gave me a hard time about not being able to brag about his grandson on Facebook. Wow, I thought that was pathetic. My father in law is actually a little weird who probably has no real friends so his main social interactions are with his acquaintances with his so-called "friends" on Facebook. The man is freaking 50 something years old and has to cry me a river about not being able to post pictures of my son on his profile?! It's amazing how people show their insecurities lately by what they post or want to post on Facebook. My son's privacy is worth all the grief he is giving me. 

The problem I have now is whether I should tell my cousin in law to put that picture down? I really want to but my husband said to let it slide. I also don't want to cause ill feelings as well since I am not close to her. I'll need to think on it for another few days. What would you do?