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I don't like it when other men touch my pregnant belly, even if it's my dad!

Posted by on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Under: Motherhood

Now that I am 4 months pregnant, I realized I need to be prepared for people trying to touch my pregnant belly as my stomach gets more noticeably bigger. I traveled to California for a wedding last week and my father used his two fingers to poke at my belly. I hope that it's not weird that I found it disgusting that he did that to me. I'm not a touchy feely type of a person and never had an affectionate relationship with my father so I was really surprised that he even thought of doing that. I told him I don't like other men touching my stomach and pulled away and he just laughed hysterically thinking it's a joke. Well it's not a joke. I don't like it. I feel violated.

The only man I want to touch my pregnant stomach or non-pregnant stomach is my husband. Why do people feel like they are at liberty to touch my stomach now that I am pregnant? It is still my stomach. They are not touching the baby; they are touching me. 

I read some forums online and discovered some ideas on how to make your point clear; like reciprocating and touching their belly so they know how it feels like or just slapping their hand away. I like the slapping the hand away idea to make it a clear point that I don't like it. I am repulsed by it. I just have to make sure my reflex is fast enough. I feel like if they are going to be rude to me then I have the right to defend myself, even if it comes off as rude to them. I sure hope my father in law and uncles aren't waiting in line to touch my stomach. I might have to bust out some karate moves. 

I don't mind if other women touch my belly. It's just other men who are not my husband! Hands off perverts!

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