My baby is 11 weeks old. For the last month and a half, my baby has been suffering from rashes on his face on and off. It would get better and then worse again. We've been using 1% hydrocortisone and vaseline and it's been helping with clearing it and then recently I noticed that after I give him a bath, he starts rubbing his eyes a lot. We've been using Johnson & Johnson Shampoo every other bath or so. It says it's gentle on the eyes but does it cause irritation after? 

My baby would only have rashes on the face and it would be around his eyelids, cheeks and forehead. The lower half of his face doesn't get affected. Then I decided to not use shampoo for his hair for his bath and it got a lot better!!! Wow. I realized it's the shampoo that's causing him to itch and when I rinse his hair, some of the shampoo probably runs down to the upper half of his face. I've noticed he doesn't rub his eyes as much! 

Did anyone discover the same issue?