Around 4 months after giving birth, I noticed a lot of hair from my head is falling out every time I finished showering and combing my hair. I was really worried. I wondered if it's because I lost my pregnancy weight so fast? I am also breastfeeding so I thought maybe it's because a lot of the nutrients is going to the baby during this time through my breast milk. 

Then I asked my friend who has two kids if she went through the same thing. She said she did and that the doctor told her that 80% of what we consume is going into our breast milk so it's really important to take supplements or eat the right nutrition. I am now making sure I take my prenatal vitamins when I feel that I am not consuming enough. 

However, after researching some articles online, I discovered that many women lost their hair because of an irregular hair growth cycle due to our hormones changing during our pregnancy. We have a nice mane while we are pregnant because it's not falling out as much and then after we give birth, the hair that was supposed to shed during our pregnancy period, is all shedding a lot now. Here is a picture of how much hair I lost from showering and combing my hair today. A lot huh?