My older son is really into Minecraft so I decided to surprise him with Minecraft themed decorations for his birthday party. A few of the things that I did myself included creating a centerpiece using a cardboard box and a plastic green tablecloth and drew Creeper's face on it with a permanent black pen. I also placed a green square cake that I baked on top of this centerpiece.

For party favors, I created a pretend TNT dynamite using 2 chalks and wrapped them with red wrapping paper and a TNT white label. See the video on how I created this DIY TNT party favor step-by-step, below the image.

I also baked cupcakes using green cupcake wrappers so that matched the color of the green Creeper centerpiece. I also frosted half of the cupcakes with green frosting and the other half with chocolate frosting. You can't see it in the very top picture but there were Happy Birthday mylar balloons and they were all square-shaped. We got those mylar balloons at the Dollar Tree store and thankfully, they had square-shaped balloons! The Minecraft napkins were bought from our local Party City store but you can also find them on their website and on Amazon too.

It was really fun putting this Minecraft theme birthday party together. I didn't go over the top with a Minecraft Happy Birthday signage but I see that they do have those on Amazon if you were interested in finding those.

Other Minecraft decoration ideas: