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Moving from San Diego, Ca to South Carolina

Posted by Till Master on Monday, January 21, 2013
My sailor and I recently moved to South Carolina from San Diego, Ca and I tell you, sometimes you will find bad weather, impatience,and being tired from the car ride, delaying your trip. It took us 5.5 days and that's because we slept every night and never drove more than 10 hours a day. 

We also had a dog with us so we always make sure to walk him when we're also ready to make a stop as well.

Before you start your trip, make sure you pack a working flashlight, 2 warm blankets in case hotels are sold out and you need to sleep in your car, snacks, a cooler filled with caffeine drinks and a pack of water. 

Make sure you gas up before it hits the quarter line because in the desert, there are times when you won't find a gas station for a long while.


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