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My 3 month old baby pulls his ear so much, it tears

Posted by on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 Under: Motherhood
My 3 month old baby has been pulling his ears a lot whenever he gets sleepy. I'm so worried. It just started to tear a little. I would put neosporin on it and hope it would heal. I've been trying to get him to not tug on it as much when he gets sleepy by covering his ear with my hand when he reaches for it. We were going to go to the doctor to get it looked but I had a feeling that most likely, he will just say to "leave it alone". It's just like a millimeter tear on the top. 

I realize that baby do pull on their ears a lot but I wonder how often it tears? My husband tried putting some bandage tape over it. I just feel so sorry for him. 

Anyone have the same problem? We are going to our 4 month check up in a few weeks so we'll see if it gets better soon.

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