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Nursing Pillow Review - Use Promo Code 4132E9 for Free Pillow for Moms

Posted by on Sunday, July 27, 2014 Under: Motherhood
I bought this nursing pillow from a long time ago as a back up to the one I already have. This one is much softer but it is a bit smaller. I think it's good for petite women. Also I think it's only good for newborns. I used it on my 5.5 month old baby and it was too small for his to lay comfortably on the pillow. A regular pillow would work better if your baby is past the newborn stage. See my review below. Use promo code 4132E9 in the check out cart to get this for Free. You still have to pay the 11.95 shipping and handling fee. That is how much I had to pay. 

In : Motherhood 

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