The day before New Year's Eve, I was so bummed out when I found out that one of my friends was throwing a party and that I couldn't celebrate with them because I lived so far away. It made me really home sick. They are thousands of miles away.

But then when New Year's Eve came, I was already tired by 8pm. How could I possibly stay up and party anyway if I were still in San Diego? I would not have had much fun and would not be of good company to any of my friends since they are not pregnant and are all ready to party it up.

In a way, maybe isolation while being pregnant is a good thing. I have a great excuse to not go to any parties if I were invited by any of my friends.  I'd probably feel really big and tired and wouldn't be able to stand much and socialize. So now I feel okay that I didn't get to party.

My husband and I fell asleep at around 9pm! We missed the count down entirely. He had to work the next day and make some overtime hours, which is good for us since it'll help fund some diapers. That's the great thing about not being in the military any more, you usually get overtime from a civilian job if you work on holidays or more than 40 hours a week.