Reasons for Sports Fans to Move to Oakland, California

If there’s any city in the whole United States that has a desperate need for passionate sports fans, it’s Oakland. Often considered the tough brother to the genteel San Francisco, Oakland prides itself on hosting three major sports teams-the Raiders for the NFL, the Athletics (or A’s) in the MLB, and Golden State Warriors of the NBA. But, all of that may change soon.

  This 2019 football season will mean the last one for the Raiders. Win or lose, the team plans to play their first 2020 games at Allegiant Stadium as the “Las Vegas Raiders.” The Warriors are also scheduled to move into San Francisco’s Chase Stadium. This leaves just the A’s, who eyed a possible move to San Jose

  Time isn’t up yet! If you happen to be an Oakland sports fan who’s thinking of moving here, then here are a few reasons to help you along.

Booming Tech Economy

  The loss of the Raiders and the Warriors do come with gains. Oakland is becoming a new frontier to Silicon Valley. Pandora and Uber are two resident tech companies with Square moving into the Uptown Station building by the end of this year.

  With all of these tech jobs coming into the area, it’s no wonder that Oakland real estate is getting pricey. Monthly rents for apartments located in 14th Avenue can run up to $2,273. Neighborhoods east of 14th-San Antonio, Allendale, Oaktree- have lower monthly costs; $1,000 or less with a roommate.

Jack London Square

  Named after a classic author who spent his boyhood here, Jack London Square is Oakland’s cultural asset. The Square is both a functioning seaport and waterfront commercial district. It may also give hope for the city’s sports fans.

  Jack London Square is slated to be the future site of a 34,000 seat ballpark to house the A’s. The new structure will also come with developments for affordable housing and bring more jobs to the city. If completed by Spring 2023, it will replace the A’s current home stadium.

RingCentral Coliseum

  The Coliseum first opened its doors back in September 1966 as the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Crowds and renovations have turned it into the hub of activity it’s become. Cloud-based tech company RingCentral is the fifth sponsor to add their name to the structure.

  For over a combined forty years, the Raiders and the A’s served as the stadium’s home teams. The stadium itself can be converted from a baseball diamond to a football field. A redevelopment plan was voted into effect last year.

The A’s Community

  Passionate A’s fans can let their voices be heard. Team officials hold regular “town hall” community engagement meetings to discuss the future of the A’s and East Oakland. Over 100 public officials, 80 community leaders, and 500 citizens have participated.

  These meetings mean more than baseball. They hope to use the A’s as a transformative economic and social agent for Oakland and the East Bay. It ensures local residents are first in line for new opportunities.