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Scavenger Hunt Sample for Bachelorette Party

Posted by Till Master on Friday, August 31, 2012
A few weeks ago, I planned a bachelorette party in Las Vegas for my friend who is also getting married. She requested to have a scavenger hunt so I did some research and borrowed, as well as, made up some tasks. If you'd like to borrow mine, see below:


Welcome to Lisa’s (replace with your friends name) Bachelorette Party !  To start off the first night, we’re having a Scavenger Hunt!




·      There will be 2 teams. Teams will be randomly selected through a drawing of a hat.

·      Tilly is the moderator of this Scavenger Hunt.

·      To prove that you’ve completed all of the Scavenger Hunt items, you must take a photo to show proof for each item listed below. Please make sure someone on your team has a digital camera.

·      Your team must complete all of the tasks below to win.

·      The moderator will review the photos on your team’s digital camera to confirm that all tasks are completed.

·      The team that completes all items on the Scavenger Hunt first wins.

·      The prize is a free shot for every member on the winning team by Tilly. The winning team picks the shot.



 Have a guy show you his boxer or underwear

 Kiss a bald man’s head

 Get a guy’s number

 Lie down on the floor of the casino and pretend you’re sleeping for 2 seconds

 Find a guy with blue eyes

 Take a group picture with a really handsome guy (This is the only task where everyone on the team should be in the picture.)

 Find a penny with Lisa’s year of birth (1983)

 Sit like a frog on one of the chairs next to a slot machine

 Have a guy kiss someone on the team on the cheek

The formatting is off so if you'd like a check list version with checkboxes from a work document, comment below with your email address.

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