I am at the one month mark before my wedding takes place and I am so stressed out.

I have contacted all of my vendors (either called or emailed them) for the last three days to confirm when they'll be at my wedding site and am finishing up last projects in the next week.

My last projects include having my last hair trial, decorating party favors and completing seating chart/guest list for place cards.

Here's how I'm coping with my stress with now.
1. Venting to my fiance. He's been so understanding and honest and will kindly tell me if I'm being a bit over the top and that I should just relax.

2. Run on the treadmill. People tell me that I will naturally lose weight during the last few weeks before my wedding because I'll be too stressed out. Well, running helps me even more because endorphins are released and that makes my stress level decrease.

3. Make a check list every week and do a check mark next to each item that's been completed to have a feeling of accomplishment. Set a deadline for each item and mark anything urgent that needs immediate attention.

4. Eat healthy meals. By eating healthy and staying away from greasy food, you'll feel light on your feet and get the right energy to feed your heart and body to accomplish the things you need to finish.

5. Lastly, don't be afraid to ask your bridesmaids for more help. They have this honorable role for a reason. I am guilty of taking a lot of work on myself. I do this when I'm in group projects in school and at work so it's a problem.  I've asked my bridesmaid Maribel to help me with decorating party favors this weekend and next weekend, my matron of honor will help me with the seating chart. Reminding yourself that you have help when you need it is reassuring that you're not alone.

Breathe, ladies. Breathe.