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I broke my Droid phone today by accidentally running it over

Posted by on Monday, July 28, 2014,
Thank God I had Google Picasa back up on my phone for the last few months because I accidentally ran over my phone with husband's truck today. I dropped it without knowing it and ran over it while I was backing out of the parking lot. What if I didn't set up that account before I did that? All of my photos would have been gone forever. I really suggest you all make sure you activate your Google Picasa account so that it links to your Google account if you have an Android phone. All of the pho...
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I cried when Dawn back stabbed Brenda on Survivor Caramoan (season 26, episode 14) tonight

Posted by on Thursday, May 9, 2013,
I saw Survivor tonight where Crybaby Dawn brutally backstabbed Brenda Lowe and when Brenda said "it's hurts", it hurted me too. I've never been so heated up about a player's backstab but this one was so wrong. I don't know what was in it for Dawn for allying with Cochran over sweet, loyal Brenda. Dawn is not going to get picked over Cochran if she is in the final 2 because of her bad move.

I know it's just a game but there have been good alliances that make you a more likeable player but Dawn'...
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Born and raised in San Diego, the publisher is a wife of a Navy veteran and has a passion for sharing knowledge and ideas to help other girlfriends, fiances and wives. She started this blog when she was still just a girlfriend of her sweet navy sailor. After dating for 1 year and 4 months, the sailor proposed to her and they got married 7 months later. He got out of the military 3 months after they wed, when his contract ended. Her husband served in the navy for 10 years.



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