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Weak in the knees when there is a contraction (39 weeks)

Posted by on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, In : pregnancy 
This morning I claimed to have suffered from Braxton Hicks for the first time in my blog this morning and now it's 3:57pm and it has come back. I wonder if this is all real labor and that I'm just at the very beginning stages? I am already 39 weeks today so it is possible right?

As I was walking around the house, I did feel like my right leg would get weak all of a sudden like a sudden shot through my leg went up my spine and I had to stop for a second a few times. Is this caused by my contrac...
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Pensacola, Florida has a beautiful white sand beach that is breath-taking

Posted by on Monday, June 10, 2013,
We went to Pensacola Beach over the weekend to meet up with our friends and I was so taken away by the beautiful beach. The sand is like a powder and the water is so clear and warm. We also dined at a nearby seafood restaurants with very inexpensive oysters. Everything is so fresh. See pictures below from our adventure. 
The beach is so clean and beautiful.

You can find fresh oysters by the box at Joe Patti's.

 You can find baked oysters like these at the Flounders Chowder House Restaurant. This...
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