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Big Wong BBQ inside the Hong Kong Supermarket Mall in Norcross, GA near Atlanta

Posted by on Monday, June 9, 2014, In : Atlanta 
We were really impressed with the Hong Kong Supermarket Mall in the Atlanta Area (5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd
NorcrossGA 30093
). It not only is a huge supermarket, it has small shops inside with bakeries and other restaurants too. I wanted to get some Roast Pork with the crunchy rind on the outside and went to Big Wong BBQ. It was probably the best I've ever had. 

This is how the front of their place looks like inside of Hong Kong Supermarket.

This is the Roast Pig that I got. Get the Roast Pig, ...
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First time going to the indoor Magnolia Mall in Florence, SC

Posted by on Tuesday, January 29, 2013,
I went to the mall in Florence, SC for the first time a few days ago and for a little town, I was really impressed. It's an indoor mall so when the weather is crappy outside, you can still come inside to shop. There is also a lot of restaurants inside and outside near the area. If you are just passing by the city or staying for the night, stay near the mall. See all hotels in Florence, SC.
 Picture of indoor mall in Florence, SC

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