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COACH Pave Horse and Carriage Stud Earrings Review in Rosegold (Pink)

Posted by on Monday, December 5, 2016,
See my review of COACH Pave Horse and Carriage Stud Earrings. They are asymmetrical so one earring is different from the other. One is the horse and the other is the carriage. They were available in gold or rosegold (pink) and I got the rose gold. They were regular price at $65 but I got them for 30% off on Black Friday. I think they were worth it even though it looked strange with one ear not looking like the other. 

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World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, Georgia was a wonderful experience

Posted by on Sunday, June 15, 2014,
When we went to the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, it became the highlight of my entire 4 day, 3 night stay! It felt like Disneyland. With the Coca Cola theme song playing in the background at all times, it really makes you realize what an amazing brand Coca Cola has been for over 100 years. There's so much nostalgia value. You learn the history and the invention of Cola Cola, how it turned into a big business and how it is now an international brand. You also get to try 65 flavors. ...
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Many old timers are not susceptible to change

Posted by on Saturday, January 25, 2014,
I guess when I get to my 50s, I might be this way but as a 30 year old and being surrounded by a lot of 40s and 50 year olds, I noticed that old timers are not susceptible to change.

With new technology, there is always going to be new tools introduced to an industry. Not only old timers don't accept the new processes easily, they even outwardly complain. They have no problem or shame and voices their frustration even before the process and changes have happened.

Anyone experienced the same t...
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I really hate my mom.

Posted by on Saturday, January 4, 2014,
I'm 30 years old and I hate my mom. Trust me, she gave me very many valid reasons to feel this way. Although I would never tell her in front of her face, the truth is, I don't really like being around her.

My mom is a bully. She bullies everyone I know and it's always the "my way or the highway" mentality for her. She was also never supportive of my education and dreams. She always wants me to quit everything that I'm doing because she thinks it's never good enough. When I was working on my B...
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Ranting because I'm bored

Posted by on Tuesday, September 17, 2013,
I am so bored at the moment. I think ever since I became a housewife 8 months ago, I've only been bored for a handful of times. Today is one of those days. 

The dishes are cleaned, my trip for this weekend has been planned and all I need to do is pack but I have three days to do that. 

I remember when I used to work for an office job, I would get really bored sometimes and actually google for ideas on what to do when I'm bored at the office. I would clean my desk, clean out my computer files an...

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Old vintage vending machines

Posted by Till Master on Tuesday, January 29, 2013,
It's 2013 and this is my very first time seeing an old fashion vending machine without all the lights and glamour. I actually like this better. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a picture of it. It still works and it's green friendly because it doesn't require electricity.

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Golden Corral instead of Hometown Buffet in North Carolina

Posted by Till Master on Tuesday, January 29, 2013,
In North Carolina when I was visiting, Golden Corral was the more popular thing than Hometown Buffet for the area and I went for my very first time at 29 years old. My grandpa in law took me here and it was delicious! I can see why he raves about this place! There is so much food. There is no way you can try everything! They have a nice salad bar, bbq section, chocolate fountain in the dessert section and also an Chinese section with Chinese food. It was unbelievable!

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