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Thankful for my husband wanting to go to all prenatal doctor visits

Posted by on Tuesday, December 31, 2013,
I am 33 weeks and 6 days pregnant and am getting closer to hitting full term. For the last couple of months, I've been going to my ob/gyn office every 2 weeks (which is normal at this stage) and pretty soon, I'll have to bump it up to once a week.

My husband has been very supportive and always wants to go to my doctor visits with me. It's reassuring to him as well, to see the ultrasounds, hear the heart beats and making sure I'm healthy and nothing is wrong, directly from the doctors themselv...
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I think I'm one month pregnant...symptoms of a pregnant person

Posted by on Monday, June 17, 2013, In : Motherhood 
The first time I realized that maybe I was pregnant was when I was getting continuous vaginal cramping but without having a period. I've noticed I'm more fatigued and my 2 mile jog is not as easy as before.

After taking 3 pregnancy tests with positives results, I'm not going to be skeptical anymore. Gosh, this reminds me of the movie "Knocked Up" except I'm married to loving husband already. My doctor ordered an ultrasound for me, which I think is too early. I went to get my ultrasound appoint...
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