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Diaper Cake for Baby Girls

Posted by on Tuesday, November 3, 2015,
I made a diaper cake for the 2nd time and this time it is for a baby girl. I wanted to send a small congratulations gift to my friend in California after she just gave birth. Here is how it looks like.

 Contents include: a pair of Espirit pink baby shoes (6-12 months), 3 bibs from Juicy Couture, 4 receiving blankets and 16 Size 1 Swaddler diapers. 

Unfortunately, when my friend received this package, everything was unraveled so I suggest that you bind everything tightly and put a lot of bubble ...
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Loving your husband so much

Posted by on Saturday, December 28, 2013,
Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by how much I love my husband. He's the person I live for and the reason why I want to live for as long as I can. I fear death because I fear losing him. I love being around him and am so blessed to have him in my life as my partner.

I really appreciate my husband a lot. He works long hours for his job and spends every waking moment with me and thinks of me so much. We've been married for 13 months now and I feel our love just continues to grow as we grow up toge...
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Do it yourself Gift Basket from local goods

Posted by on Monday, September 16, 2013, In : DIY 
I am visiting a good friend soon and wanted to bring something local from South Carolina and give it to her when I see her so I decided to make my own little gift basket that is presentable and plane-friendly.  I used a cardboard box that I had at home and wrapped it in brown paper to cover the exising print on the box. Then I used tissue paper to keep the 3 items I have in place inside the box. I made sure I wrapped each item with some sort of clear wrap to keep the products fresh then I wra...
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I don't like it when other men touch my pregnant belly, even if it's my dad!

Posted by on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, In : Motherhood 

Now that I am 4 months pregnant, I realized I need to be prepared for people trying to touch my pregnant belly as my stomach gets more noticeably bigger. I traveled to California for a wedding last week and my father used his two fingers to poke at my belly. I hope that it's not weird that I found it disgusting that he did that to me. I'm not a touchy feely type of a person and never had an affectionate relationship with my father so I was really surprised that he even thought of doing that. ...
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Wedding Welcome Bags - I did it myself

Posted by Till Master on Thursday, November 15, 2012,
Hi guys,

We did it! We got married and the grand ceremony and reception were exceptionally successful!

One week before our out of towners were coming in, I created welcome bags printing labels at home and sticking them on brown gift bags with tissue paper.

In the welcome bags, I had a bottle of iced tea, a bottle of Powerade, some snacks like oreos, trail mix, cheezit and granola bars to make their stay more comfortable.

I tried to decorate the bags that are my wedding colors. See pictures bel...
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Showing tattoo on your wedding day

Posted by Till Master on Friday, October 12, 2012,
My make up artist and some friends asked me if I will be covering my tattoo on my chest on my wedding with make up. I told them 'no'. I got this tattoo for a reason and I will not hide it. 

Do you get asked that question? Do you have a tattoo? 

My fiance said he doesn't want me to hid anything and that he wouldn't like it if I decided to I hide my tattoo because that a part of who I am now. He doesn't like secrets and that is why we are together. We have the same viewpoints. 

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Stressed out Bride-to-be - How to cope

Posted by Till Master on Thursday, October 4, 2012,
I am at the one month mark before my wedding takes place and I am so stressed out.

I have contacted all of my vendors (either called or emailed them) for the last three days to confirm when they'll be at my wedding site and am finishing up last projects in the next week.

My last projects include having my last hair trial, decorating party favors and completing seating chart/guest list for place cards.

Here's how I'm coping with my stress with now.
1. Venting to my fiance. He's been so understan...
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I'm turning into my mom.

Posted by Till Master on Wednesday, October 3, 2012,
While I am planning this wedding with my mom, I realized there are some things we don't agree on and then there are others that we completely agree on that no one seems to.

I've decided to put my hair up for my wedding because it's more elegant and my mom agreed. I also told her I don't want to wear necklaces and just big earrings and she told me she likes to do that too. She doesn't like to wear necklaces.

Wow. I am turning into my mom. Are you?

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