My newborn is no longer a newborn now that he is 3 months old so I've been doing some reflecting. A lot has changed about me, from my hair to my way of thinking. I put him first before my needs and I am glad to do it. I just want him to grow up happy and strong. Here are some obvious things I gave up after giving birth to a baby, and these are things many moms have done:

  • I no longer have long hair. I now understand why so many moms get a bob after giving birth. My baby is getting to the point where he would grab my hair now and when I had long hair a few weeks ago, it was so easy for him to pull on it. Sometimes it would get tangle around his fingers and he doesn't know that he's hurting himself when he's pulling my hair. I had it in a ponytail all the time too and it got so heavy that I started getting a headache. So then I decided to cut 5 inches of my hair and now have a shoulder length mane. However, I still tie it into a ponytail every day to keep my hair out of his face when I hold him.
  • I still don't sleep on my stomach, even though I'm not pregnant anymore. Sleep, what sleep right? Anyway, I am currently breastfeeding my baby and sleeping on my stomach is something I love to do but can't because I have milk ducts in my breasts that I need to make sure I don't plug them. If they get plugged, there is a chance I can get mastitis and get sick. This also can decrease your milk supply, which means less food available to the baby. I'm not sure how long I'll be breastfeeding for but the goal is at least 6 months. Hopefully, my supply will be good for a whole year.
  • I don't wear my engagement and wedding rings as much.  When I am home, I take my rings off because I don't want to accidentally scratch my baby's face or body. Now, I understand why I see some moms only wearing their wedding band when they are out. I used to think that maybe some of them didn't have an engagement ring because they weren't sporting it. Boy, was I a naive newlywed! Most of the time, when I am out, I now only wear my wedding band now too. My engagement ring is now only worn on special occasions with my wedding band.
  • I still don't drink that much caffeine. I love coffee and teas and even though I'm not pregnant anymore, I only limit myself to a cup every week or so. I don't want it to be in my milk supply or affect it. I heard it can decrease your milk supply. Since my baby comes first, I prefer to deprive myself of coffee than to deprive my baby of food. Yes, there is formula but as the health professionals say "breast is better". Breast milk is organic, easily digestible and decreases the baby's chances of getting allergies, asthmas, diabetes and other illnesses. It keeps my baby's immune system stronger. 
  • I don't work anymore. My husband and I both agree that one parent should be at home to take care of the baby because there is no better care than a parent's care. If we both work and put the baby in daycare during the day, both of us will be so tired to give our baby the best care at night. And since my husband's occupation is enough to pay the bills, there is no need for me to work so I have the luxury of taking care of my own baby myself; and not give him to some stranger. People ask if I miss working or if it makes me feel less accomplished. I don't know if they forget or maybe if they've never taken care of their own babies but it's a lot more work than people think! When the baby is 3 or 4, then it's less work but right now, he is still a baby. Being at home also makes it easier for me to breastfeed him and I'm not as stressed so my milk supply continues to produce continuously.