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Wearing wedding ring on the left hand and wearing engagement ring on the right hand or both on one hand?

Posted by on Saturday, May 4, 2013 Under: Wedding
Recently, I've been pondering about wearing my wedding ring on my left hand and wearing my engagement ring on my right hand. I'm trying to think if anyone else has done that. Most of my friends and colleagues wear both their wedding ring and engagement ring on the left ring finger. I've been doing this for the last 6 months (since I got married) as well. However, I feel like my engagement ring looks better by itself. It also reminds me of when he proposed and that was a great time. My rings match okay. He bought my engagement ring and didn't consider buying a bridal set initially so we had to look for a wedding ring later that matches my engagement ring and I think we did a good job. I have a past, present and future classic ring (3 diamond stones) which was a surprise because he chose it all by himself (which I love it even more!) so I feel like it does more justice to the ring if it's just by itself. 

How do you wear your ring? 

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