I am going to be a bride and just recently bought my first accessory for my dress and my shoes. What other accessories did you wear or planned on wearing for your wedding?

I don't plan on wearing a veil because when I tried my dress on with the veil, it looked too much and cluttered. I'm also really short so it just looks big on me.

I bought a brioche for my hair for almost $60 with a gift card I received from my bridal shower and now am debating on wearing that or not as well. I'm really simple but I wonder if my simplicity will be too simple for my wedding. I definitely plan on wearing dangling earrings. I am not going to wear a necklace or bracelet.

So, the only accessories I'm planning on wearing so far are shoes, earrings and maybe a brioche. How about you? Did you wear a veil and all of the jewelry as well?