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What I miss most, now that I am pregnant

Posted by on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 Under: Motherhood
When I found out I was pregnant, I cut out alcohol, caffeine and tried to stay far away from people who smoke cigarettes as much as possible. 

I must admit, I did have decaffeinated coffee once on a plane and had a few sips from my husband's coke. But that was all. I don't miss drinking alcohol at all but I do miss drinking my caramel frappucino from Starbucks. I've been drinking those since I was in college, or was it late high school? Anyway, I miss my coffee.

Instead of coffee, I would drink non-caffeinated soda like root beer and sprite. However, I would never finish a whole can in one sitting. I just take a few sips and then I'm done. 

I also miss jogging on the treadmill. I would jog 3-4 times a week before I got really tired from being pregnant. I try to walk as much as possible but some days, that can be hard too. I'm 18 weeks pregnant now and my stomach has been growing a lot in the last 2 weeks. It's noticeable bigger and I am can feel the baby move around every night. 

I can't wait to have some coffee after the baby is born! 

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