Yesterday, on Christmas night, I watched Wonder Woman 1984 from HBO Max. Since we were already subscribers for HBO, it allowed us to watch HBO Max without an extra fee. To find out that I could watch the new Wonder Woman movie and not had to pay more than we already have been for our monthly subscriptions was a gift!

I looked for my Wonder Woman leggings (from Forever 21 before they closed many of their shops) that I have been hoarding in my closet and wore them while watching it. It was awesome! I was in the best mood. I liked the movie and I'm so glad that I watched the movie without reading reviews online because that would've affected my first initial organic reaction to the movie. 

Without giving details about this movie, I'll tell you that I still liked this movie, even though the first one is still better. However, I'd watch this one over and over again and it would still make me happy!

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