This sounds gross but for some women who are concerned about this, this post might come very helpful.

Last month, during my period, a fibroid tissue passed. At first, I was startled because I was scared that some thing that's part of my organs was not suppose to come out. However, after doing some research online, I realized it's most likely a fibroid tissue.

I didn't take a picture of it but it was whitish and looked like clumps of big cells bundled together. It had fibrous strings around it as well. If I were to guess it was almost a quarter in diameter. It got me thinking: if I had one that just passed, maybe there are more in there. Upon doing more research, it says the a third of women have this. Some also use the term "benign tumor" as a replacement for fibroid tissue. 

Why Did All of a Sudden a Fibroid Tissue Came Out on Its Own?
I was wondering this for awhile afterwards. Why did a fibroid tissue come out on its own and kind of got rid of itself? I've changed my diet considerably in the last 6 months after finding out that I have high cholesterol levels after some bloodwork came back. So, I lost 10 pounds within a few months, ate less meat, tripled my vegetable and fruit intakes and ate less processed food. I wonder if all of the healthier eating habits helped get rid of a fibroid tissue? There's one other thing that the doctor's office suggested that I also do and it is to work out. I haven't been able to work out during this pandemic and it's because I don't like doing online work out videos or working out at home. I enjoy going to the gym but my gym shut down during the pandemic, like closed for business for good. 

However, after this fibroid thing came out, I'm going to have to try harder and get a work out routine going. I want to get rid of any more if there are still some in there. I read online that you can get an ultrasound to see if you have fibroid tissues in your uterus. A gynecologist could order an ultrasound for you. I haven't done that but it's helpful to think that I can find out how many I really have.

Fibroid Tissues is a Women's Problem in the Uterus
I've also read that sometimes they diagnose endometriosis mistakenly when it's fibroid tissue from what I've researched and it could affect your menstrual cycle. Stress, bad eating habits and hormones can increase the growth of fibroid tissues so this is an instance where the problems are definitely happening internally where we can't see.

So stay healthy, don't hold a grudge and practice healthier habits!