Ever since the baby started moving inside of my stomach around 4 months, I started thinking that maybe there isn't enough room for him in there. 

Now that I am at 5.5 months, I can feel the baby moving constantly. And recently when I was in one of my post-licensing class for real estate, I would see a ripple across my belly as I was sitting in class. It was a bit freaky but I guess the baby was bored. Sitting down in class for 8 hours isn't that fun and I'm usually moving about when I am at home or in the office so he wasn't used to me being still.

I'll try to capture a ripple on video someday soon so you can all see. It is pretty weird and it is my first pregnancy so all of those mothers who have had more than one baby probably don't think it's all that weird.  

We had a doctor's visit a few days ago and the baby's heartbeat is 146 bpm.