Recently, I've read all three Divergent books (Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant) within a span of 6 days! I couldn't stop reading. They were so well written. 

You can't help but think during the whole time how this applies to our current society with job roles. Some people are computer programmers while others are nurses, etc. 

I particularly had a great pull towards the dauntless factor. I think many people reading the books would want to too. I like to think myself as brave. It also makes me feel proud knowing that they associate this faction with a lot of piercings and tattoos. I've had my tattoo on my chest when I was 24 years old so for 7 years now. I know some people look at me and ask me why I have it there. I don't like to have to tell people because it's none of their business. I have metal plates and screws under my chest so that is why. The water/fire yin yang tattoo represents life for me. It's bigger than I imagined initially but I still like it and have no regrets. 

I'm really glad the books and movie became a big hit. I think people will change their minds about people with tattoos. Every tattoo usually has a meaning. I like that the books associate the Dauntless people with tattoos as brave. Thank you Divergent and Veronica Roth!