With the Covid 19 situation, my husband mainly works from home now but every so often, he has to come to the workplace and is required to wear face coverings at all times to protect himself and his co-workers. I decided to make him a face mask that he would like to wear.

Carolina Panthers fabric that I used: "Panthers light blue" Fabric by the Yard (Fat Quarter) 

Luckily, I had a enough fabric sitting around at home to make 4 masks for my family. I didn't have any elastic bands so I attempted to look for them online on Wal Mart, Amazon and Target but I couldn't find any! I decided to substitute it with headbands that I found at home instead. Now, headbands are different than hairbands in that they are much longer so were great for adult face masks. I just cut them in half and each half was for one ear loop. I later discovered that the standard face mask measurements are way too big for my little ones so I had to improvise. Since their ears and faces are much smaller, one headband was enough for both of my kids' face masks. (Find kids face masks on eBay.)  I cut one headband that I had at home into quarters and each quarter was an ear loop. You can't just use any headband for this project. It has to be the ones that wrap around your whole head and made out of a thinner (but sturdy) elastic material (see my face mask DIY video above for reference on what I used). I just happened to have them lying around in my house but I can imagine that these are hard to find in the market now. Look through your hair accessories at home; you might find one! Put the elastic headband or any elastic close to your kid's head to see how much you really need to make ear loops for them. Too long and the face mask won't stay on but if it's too short, then it'll hurt their faces and ears.

For my kids, cutting the elastic piece to 5 inches long for each ear loop was just right. For adult masks, I'd go between 6 - 7 inches, depending on how stretchy the ear loop material is. Since I've used all of my headbands and hair bands already, I have been using pantyhose cut offs as ear loops more recently and they are actually more gentler on the ears! See this short TikTok video on how I cut off my old pantyhose to make 48 ear loops.

Recommended Elastics:
Trim Joyce 1/4" (7mm) Elastic Stretch Flat Band, Mask Band by 5-Yards, SP-2715 (White)

My husband is a Carolina Panthers fan so I already had fabric at home from older projects to make him a Carolina Panthers face mask. I am not the fastest sewer so it probably took me close to 1 hour to cut the fabric, sew, add the earloops and sew the pleats. I used instructions from Hobby Lobby, which I found very helpful: https://www.hobbylobby.com/DIY-Projects-Videos/Sewing/DIY-Face-Mask/p/20-1960-DIY-Face_Mask. Depending on how big your kid's face is, you can probably cut the length of the fabric by a few inches shorter on the long/length side (keep the short side's width size the same >> 8 inches) to help cover their faces more securely. If your kid has a longer face or head, then you may not need to change the fabric size. My kids are still pretty small so the standard mask size was way too big for them.

Suggested Supplies: