I've been craving a lot of ice cream lately. I have mint chocolate chip from Edy's and coffee flavor from Prestige in the freezer right now. Usually I don't eat much ice cream. Maybe only when I am out at the mall or at a restaurant on a rare occasion. However, lately I've been craving it and I wonder if it's my body telling me that I need more fat content to feed the baby?

My baby son is now 10 months old and I am still breastfeeding. He's been thinning out in the last couple of months because he's crawling and more mobile now. I've read that this is normal so I am not too concerned about it. I also have read that I need to eat as healthy as I can while I am nursing so that he gets the nutrition he needs. He has also been eating baby food since he was 6 months old. But recently, as of 2 days ago, he wouldn't want his baby food. I've tried giving him different flavors, from chicken and rice to blueberry apple and pear and apricots but he's turned his head away to all of them. So we've moved him on to the next stage with rice cups and small cereals from the baby food section so he can start learning to self feed. He liked them a lot so far. And of course, my breast milk is still where he gets his primary food. I've been eating healthier before the ice cream started; like a lot of protein, vegetables and a little side of carbs. 

Anyway after I have been eating a lot of ice cream in the last several days, I noticed that my baby now looks chubbier yesterday. I wonder if that's the result from the ice cream? Maybe it was a coincidence too? I'm so glad he looks chubbier since he was a little bit under average for weight in the last check up we had. I just want him to stay in the average area. He is still measuring above average for height and has been since the 2 week check up. 

Maybe ice cream is what he needs me to consume so he gets enough fat content? By the way, I still weigh less than I was before I got pregnant. Before I was pregnant, I was 120 lbs. Before I gave birth, I was 144 lbs. Today I am 112 lbs.