While I was pregnant with my son, I took a real estate class and got my license to become a REALTOR. I joined an agency and my wonderful office took me in and showed me the ropes. I got my license in October, gave birth in February (4 months after joining the agency) and am now just slowly getting back into it in July (5 months after giving birth). Even though I've been in real estate for only 9 months, I feel really burned out. 

While I was pregnant, I showed some homes to a couple who were relocating and I spent a lot of time mapping, researching, prepping and driving around. Even though I was going to give birth a month after, I still showed them houses and they told me they will not make a decision until after the wife has considered taking the new job which is very understandable. I told her I would refer her to an agent in my office in the event that she needs assistance while I am on maternity leave. Then she emails me later and to inform me of the good news that she is taking the new job but will not plan to buy a house until after they have moved to the town and will contact me when she's ready to buy a house. This was all back in January. Well now it's July and I've been thinking about her and wondered if she has bought a house without my assistance. As a REALTOR, I do have tools to find out these things as long as I have her first and last name and I discovered today that she did indeed buy a house recently in April. And no, she didn't reach out to me and used my services. I felt really used. 

Actually, I feel terrible.

Yesterday was also not a very good day for me either because another agency called me and told me I forgot to lock the back door of a house I was showing and the police had to lock it back up for me. Someone had broken in. Thank God, nothing was ruined. It was a vacant home. I don't know what is the typical procedures for this but I hope I didn't get in trouble. I asked her what do I need to do at this point to resolve the matter. I was afraid someone would press charges. I have no idea! I am usually careful about making sure the back door is shut and locked. For some reason, this didn't happen and I was the very last person to show the house since the break in so that was why the finger is pointed to me. 

I guess because of all of this, I started thinking about that couple who were planning on relocating here earlier this year. Maybe I was trying to find a confirmation that maybe real estate is just not for me. Well, I feel so burned out right now. I am currently working on a new client who is a teacher. She is very nice. I hope she doesn't use me as well and will actually sign an offer with my assistance. Today is a new day. 

Let's think positive.