This blog post is a year overdue! I created a Yule log or what I refer to as a "log cake" last year. I took plenty of pictures and video clips and didn't post any of it until now! The holiday season for me last year was so busy! Tis' the season!

Here's a log cake that I made that is perfect for fall and holiday parties.

This year, I'm able to catch my breath a bit. The video on how to make a log cake is below (scroll down just a bit). Basic things that I used were: spice cake mix, vanilla frosting, chocolate icing and jelly roll pan (also other baking supplies like mixer, bowl, kitchen towel, etc.). I made the vanilla frosting (for inside of roll) and chocolate icing (for outside of roll) from scratch but I used a box of spice cake mix to make my life easier. It turned out really good. I loved it so much, I didn't want to cut into it. I really think I could have used frosting and icing from the supermarket that come in containers already made if I didn't have the time. I feel like this is a great decorative piece for any fall holiday table as well.

Here's the quick 1 minute video on how I made this log cake or jelly roll cake! It was so fun to make! 

I also added a couple of leaf shaped cookies before I took the log cake to my friend's party. I didn't want to add them right away so the cookies would look fresh. As a bonus, I really could have surrounded the platter with these leaf shaped maple cookies to make it even more festive!

 Suggested baking supplies: