I saw Survivor tonight where Crybaby Dawn brutally backstabbed Brenda Lowe and when Brenda said "it's hurts", it hurted me too. I've never been so heated up about a player's backstab but this one was so wrong. I don't know what was in it for Dawn for allying with Cochran over sweet, loyal Brenda. Dawn is not going to get picked over Cochran if she is in the final 2 because of her bad move.

I know it's just a game but there have been good alliances that make you a more likeable player but Dawn's decision to backstab her friend who initially picked her to spend time with family and helped her find her teeth in the water when she dropped them, made her the most weak, unrighteous player of all time in my book. Brenda has always been consoling Dawn, giving her strength to go on one more day. I've never seen a player cry so much.

Brenda, I was rooting for you. You played well and righteously. Now let the other jurors know that Dawn is not worthy to win. Now, I'm cheering for Eric.