I'm 30 years old and I hate my mom. Trust me, she gave me very many valid reasons to feel this way. Although I would never tell her in front of her face, the truth is, I don't really like being around her.

My mom is a bully. She bullies everyone I know and it's always the "my way or the highway" mentality for her. She was also never supportive of my education and dreams. She always wants me to quit everything that I'm doing because she thinks it's never good enough. When I was working on my Bachelor's degree at a state college, she would tell me to skip class so I can help her at her salon. It's not detrimental that I'm there at the salon but she makes it that way. Good thing I stuck to my guns and focused because I did not skip my classes and earned my bachelor's degree at 22 years old. How I did it with no support, I have no idea?

I also worked for a job for 6 years and she would always like to tell me who is making more than me and telling me to quit my job and find new work, even in a recession. She likes to patronize me and compare me to others, when I am perfectly content with my direction. I was well respected at work and for my line of work, I made pretty good money. It just took me a while to get there. Hey, people just don't lay everything out on a silver platter for you. You have to work at it.

Sometimes I feel like I'm being a bad daughter for not liking to be around my mother but I can't help how I feel. I didn't have a nurturing, supportive mother. I had a bully as a mom and till this day, she still likes to patronize me and boss me around. Usually when she's talking to me, she's yelling at me.

Throughout college, I supported myself, which is fine. I didn't need financial help from my parents and I worked hard to earn extra money on the side. I wanted to move out when I was 19 but my tiger mom chased me with a cleaver and threatened to kill me if I moved out. I don't know why she wanted me around. All she does is yell at me and get mad at me. I guess she's very insecure and is needy. I think she's psychotic.

People ask me that maybe my mom is the way she is because she's from Asia. I don't think so. I've met many Asian moms who are strict but they are understanding and give them time to grow and supported their education endeavors. My mom didn't support my education endeavors. She wanted me to skip school.

Anyway, I live in a different state now but she wants to come stay with me for 2 weeks after I give birth to my first child. I am dreading it big time. My mom is the only person who gives me stress and she is going to be around me for 2 weeks while I try to get used to breastfeeding and caring for my first born child. I really don't want her to come.

I really want to tell her not to come but I'm not brave enough to do it. Would it be wrong if I did?