The first time I realized that maybe I was pregnant was when I was getting continuous vaginal cramping but without having a period. I've noticed I'm more fatigued and my 2 mile jog is not as easy as before.

After taking 3 pregnancy tests with positives results, I'm not going to be skeptical anymore. Gosh, this reminds me of the movie "Knocked Up" except I'm married to a loving husband already. My doctor ordered an ultrasound for me, which I think is too early. I went to get my ultrasound appointment today and you can't see the baby yet, just the egg sac. I think my doctor is new at this pregnancy stuff because the ultrasound specialist was wondering why I got a picture taken so early. It's hard to tell if the baby is healthy or not at this point. I sure hope he is healthy. I've made up my mind that the baby is going to be a boy so it's easier for me to call the baby a "he" instead of "it".

I'm praying for a healthy pregnancy and for everyone as well, if you're pregnant too!