If you saw my tiktok recently, then you'd know that I have been job searching. I've probably had over 10 interviews and 5 declined letters within a span of 4 months. For the other five, I assume they didn't want to bother telling me that I've been declined. It's been heartbreaking with each letter so I'm not mad at the no responses.

It is easy to blame others like they made the wrong decision or they don't know what they're missing but the straight truth is: it's me. I'm a terrible interviewee. Also, I need to get better on my sh*t. I'm interviewing for web development positions and it's hard because I just graduated from a coding bootcamp 4 months ago and many of them don't want to hire on noobs. They want someone with more experience in the development realm. Don't worry, they haven't seen my tiktok nor youtube channel because they don't know my handle or else, they'll definitely not hire a nut like me! 

Until I land a job, I'll work on getting better on what I need to do and getting some mentorship help. If you're job searching too, hang in there!

If you want to help me find a job and offer some tips, you can answer some of the questions about interviewing that I have asked on my YouTube. Starting with the first one.

PART 1: Do you agree with an advisor's tip to not mention about having kids in an interview?

PART 2: Do you agree with an advisor's tip to send a thank you email to your interviewer within 24 hours, even if you bombed the interviewer?