Sometimes I can't believe that I am living in the South now. Earlier this year, I moved from San Diego, California to a suburb town of South Carolina. The population of this small town is about 45,000 people. 

For the first 3 months living here, I felt like I was living in a movie. Everyone has a Southern accent and most of the residents here are very religious. There is a church on almost every block. 

Today, I am very used to the slower lifestyle here and appreciate the Southern accent that is centuries old. Everyone is so nice and I've attended a couple of church events already. My parents just never made us go to church and they don't practice a religion but I can clearly see the benefits of living in a town full of religion. People really help one another here. 

It's a great place to raise children and to teach children to be more open and loving. Now that I am expecting my first child, I feel like I can be less stressed out with finances (comparing to the bills when we lived in California) because with my husband's income alone here in the South, we can afford to have me work leisurely and take care of our son full time. It's a great privilege.