If you had already seen my TikTok fast clip, you've already seen that I braved it and gave Kasoy Cream a chance to see if I can remove the 20 syringoma bumps that I have on my face. 

I usually use Wart & Mole Vanish (You can find the product from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3bBl3mV or buy it from eBay.)
However, this Kasoy Cream that I found on Etsy was significantly cheaper. I saw some good reviews on there so I ordered it a few months ago and have just let it sit for awhile until I knew I was ready to try it.  You can see my unboxing video of the Kasoy Cream here. (This was from a couple months ago.)

I finally uploaded a more thorough video of how I applied this Kasoy Cream on my face and how it looked after I removed the cream. The YouTube video is embedded below this image or you can just click here to see my Kasoy Cream Application Video on Youtube. It's about 2 minutes long. However, I had to apply the product twice per instructions that she provided. 

First, you apply it and them let it sit for 15 minutes and then remove them with water. Then you re-apply on the same spots, and depending on how big your syingomas are, you leave them on for 5 or 10 minutes. I only left mine on for another 5 minutes. 

I guess the most annoying part is trying to remember if I had applied the cream to the same spots that I had just put on earlier. That may have affected my outcome. I also wished I could just apply it once and get it overwith. Yea, the second time stung a bit more but it doesn't work as quickly as the Wart & Mole Vanish, where I only had to apply it once and felt the pain within 5 minutes. I knew very quickly it was working.

I'm going to give my face a break for another couple of months and then figure out if I want to do another skin treatment. 

Oh syringomas, please go away!!!

Youtube Video of my Kasoy Cream Application