I can't believe I have been able to breastfeed my son for this long. It is the best gift. The benefits of his own mother's milk is undeniable. Because it has antibodies (unlike formula), my son's immune system is great and he hasn't gotten really sick yet! Knock on wood! Also, because mother's milk is organic, it's easy on his stomach and easily digestible. I can list about 10 more benefits but then this will really drag on. Today I am celebrating 11 months of being able to breastfeed my son. My goal is to start weaning him after his 1st birthday!  

My initial plan was just to breastfeed him for 6 months and then put him on formula for the last 6 months. It was so tough on me to get used to breastfeeding at the beginning. It hurt a lot for the first couple of months. I was getting all these blisters on my nipples and they were so sore. After awhile they got used it and then I got mastitis! I was rushed into ER by my husband because my temperature reached 103 degrees. Anyway, that is another story that I don't want to dwell on for this post. 

I know there are lots of American moms who don't breastfeed; either because they weren't producing enough or they have to work full time. I don't work so I take this opportunity to provide my son the best nutrition he can get from me. My son's doctor always gives me a praise for every check up for continuing to breastfeed him. It is so much better than formula and takes some hard work on my part at the beginning. I really enjoy the bonding time that I also get from nursing him. 

A few months ago, he started getting his first 2 bottom teeth and now 4 more grew on top. While I was nursing him to sleep for his nap today, he would bite my nipples a little with them. It kind of hurt but not too bad. It's a sign that he is growing quickly and will soon need to start weaning. He is eating more solids now and growing significantly taller in the last 2 months. 

Last month, I debated on how long I can really keep this up. It was before the biting started happening. Now, I realize it's not realistic to breastfeed him for another year. Breast milk is always better than cow's milk. We're going to give him a cup of milk to start to see how his stomach can handle it.