I just opened my Coach Rose Bouquet Mini Sierra Satchel purse that I ordered from CoachOutlet.com during this Covid-19 pandemic and store closures. Everything is on sale. If you've never tried to find a Coach bag online, I recommend going on the Coach Outlet website instead of the regular website. There are older releases that are so beautiful at a great deal right now. So many people are going through such hard times and here I am, buying a purse. I'm sorry.

Originally priced at $298, I got this on sale for $89 on March 26th and today on April 2nd, it has sold out in this Chalk color! Right now, I see the black colored of this and other patterns but if you can find the Chalk color like mine, it would be difficult. I got so lucky. I know I'm blessed that my husband still has his job because people are losing theirs. I hope this purse review will cheer you up and not dampen your spirits.

See my full youtube video review to see the insides and details of this cute mini satchel.

This will be the only purse I buy during the Covid-19 closure for this year. I think when I look at this purse or whenever I use it in the future, it'll always remind me of this period of our lives. Stay safe.

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