Waiting for your blinds to get in can take awhile so using temporary shades is a great way to get privacy for your family until you're ready to put in permanent blinds. This is budget-friendly, family-friendly and a great temporary solution.

I got these Redi Shade temporary blinds from Bed, Bath & Beyond but you can buy them from Lowe's, Home Depot or online on Amazon too. If you buy the Redi Shades on Amazon, getting them in bulk is cheaper versus buying one at a time.

These require no tools to install. You just need a sharp knife (or sharp scissors) to trim if you need to. If your window is really big, you can double up and use two blinds or more. See my video below on how they look and how easy it was to install. They stick with a sticker.

This is how they look after I've stuck them up there. It darkens the room nicely and gives us privacy.

See more details on Redi Shade blinds and shades on Amazon.